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Yes, you can apply for residency after completing a college course and one year of work related to your field of study.
Yes, you can take a college course with a language course.
If they have been in Canada for 3 years, the PR card will be renewed, and if they have been in Canada for 3 years, they will receive a Citizenship.
Work visas and student visas can lead to residency, but a tourist visa cannot be converted into a residence permit unless the tourist becomes one of the visas leading to residency.
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A Canadian permanent resident card is the same as a permanent resident visa. With this card you are allowed to live, study and work and enjoy all the rights of a Canadian citizen. The only difference between a permanent residence card and a Canadian Citizenship Card is that Canadian citizens can obtain a Canadian passport and vote in the Canadian election. Permanent residents of Canada can apply for a citizenship card after 3 years of living in Canada.
Work visas are temporary, and people living in Canada on a work visa cannot use the facilities available to people living in Canada for free. These free facilities include language training, unemployment benefits, health care, retirement services, and more.
Yes, you can apply for a work, study or tourist visa in addition to your immigration record.
This method is one of the Canadian residency programs under which people with relatively high business or management experience can immigrate to Canada. There are three ways to do this: Investor Immigrant, Entrepreneur Immigrant or Self-Employed Immigration
Once you have permanent residency in Canada, you can live and work anywhere in Canada, regardless of the immigration method you have applied for. (Except for Quebec Entrepreneurship, where you are required to set up a business in Quebec and hire a Canadian employee)
You must provide the necessary documents to prove how you earn money: Tax returns the bills Sales performance Commercial and real estate appraisal and…. You must be able to show that your assets were obtained through legal means.
Individuals with business and managerial backgrounds can participate in either Quebec or federal methods. But in the Quebec immigration program, managers who are not shareholders of the company can also apply. Meanwhile, the Quebec investment method is currently shorter than the federal investment method and results faster.
Yes, in the entrepreneurial method, the applicant must do the following during their three years in Canada: Controlling at least 33% of the share of a company or shop Active presence in the management of a qualified job in Canada Create a full-time job for a Canadian citizen other than the applicant and their family. If the applicant does not meet these conditions, he / she may lose his / her permanent residence status.
Close relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. More specifically, anyone wishing to use this method must have close relatives in Canada as follows: Spouse Parents, grandparents or dependent children Dependent child Adopted child under 18 years Other relatives if the applicant does not have any of the above relatives in Canada
The following people can apply for a visa at the request of the sponsored person: Spouse Dependent child Dependent child spouse Dependent child dependent child Dependent child dependent child spouse
Children under the age of 22 who are single when applying for residency in Canada (and single when entering Canada) With any age and marital status for a full-time student who has been financially dependent on the family since the age of 22 years. (Or since she married someone before the age of 22.) Be financially dependent on the family before the age of 22 due to disability.
The current acceptance score of the expert group is 67. Immigration Canada can increase or decrease this score without prior notice. If your score is 67, you are advised to apply for immigration earlier.
For all Canadian immigration agencies around the world, all the required documents must be provided at the beginning of the process. It is also necessary to provide the result of the language test at the beginning of the work.