Entrepreneur Programs

The Canadian immigration Entrepreneur Program is designed to attract experienced entrepreneurs who intend to own and actively manage a business in Canada.

Inviting qualified little businesses and new businesses alike, Canada will offer assistance your commerce reaches unused statures as you work together to reinforce the economy and make employments for its citizens and permanent residents like yourself.

Entrepreneur immigration stream:

The BC Entrepreneur immigration streams target foreign nationals with demonstrated experience owning and operating businesses who wish to invest their finances and expertise in business opportunities in the province of British Columbia.


Entrepreneur Regional Pilot:

is for experienced entrepreneurs who want to invest in and manage a business in British Columbia. Applicants must be referred by one of the program’s in BC.


Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category:

BC ELSS prioritizes the nomination of immigrants who have semi-skilled work experience in the province along with an offer of employment from a BC employer.


Healthcare Professional Category:

BC Healthcare Professional prioritizes the nomination of immigrants who have an offer of employment from a public health authority in BC and who will be able to make lasting contributions in the healthcare labour sector.


International Graduate Category:

BC International Graduate prioritizes the nomination of immigrants who have an offer for skilled employment and who have completed post-secondary education in Canada.


International Post-Graduate Category:

BC International Post-Graduate prioritizes the nomination of immigrants who have recently completed graduate-level education from an eligible British Columbia institution.


Skilled Worker category:

BC Skilled Worker prioritizes the nomination of immigrants who have an offer of employment and a high likelihood of contributing to the BC labour force.


Skills Immigration Stream:

Through the BC Skills Immigration streams, workers and international graduates with the skills, education, and/or experience required to successfully contribute to the BC economy may be nominated.


Strategic Projects Category:

This stream is designed to target highly successful foreign-companies who wish to establish a branch office or other operating facility in BC. After successfully operating the BC enterprise for a period of time, the staff members involved can be nominated for.